We are Tadaweb

Our team thrives as a result of our diversity and our globally disruptive technology enables us to attract talent from around the world. We are comprised of many different profiles, from highly experienced ex-Fortune Global 500 employees to brilliant minds fresh out of university. Our team is made up of over 20 different nationalities and we are proud to partner with the tech industry leaders.

We stop at nothing to ensure we continue building amazing technology. Join us if you are passionate about creating the future.

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Management Team

François Gaspard

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Francois focuses on the next generation of the Tadaweb technology and ensures the company is resourced to continue to grow as a scale up. He dedicated his hacker mindset for several years to building the backbone of what is now the Tadaweb platform… Something futuristic, like from the movie Minority Report, a system to extract and transform information on the internet faster and more efficiently. François is a tinkerer at heart, spending time with his family at second-hand markets finding old radios, gaming consoles (bring on Tetris or Pong) and other oddities that they can repair and rebuild together. He is fascinated by antique science books, comparing and contrasting where things were, where we are today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Genna Elvin

Chief Tada Officer and co-founder

Genna co-leads the company direction, steering the growth, strategy and company culture. In addition to her role at Tadaweb, Genna is also the founding Board member of Startups.Lu and the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg. In 2013, Genna was recognized by Forbes Magazine Europe’s Top 100 Female Founders list. When out of the office, Genna is a passionate foodie, dedicated to learning to cook and master techniques and dishes from around the globe.


Chief Technology Officer

Tracey is expanding the product portfolio and scaling the engineering organization as part of the company’s global expansion. She brings a proven track record in building diverse engineering teams in XR, Gaming, Machine Learning, Cloud and Developer Tools. She is an advisor to early – stage companies and spent 25 years at Microsoft in various leadership roles. Tracey is an accomplished horsewoman and with her partner runs an equestrian and competitive-eventing training center in Redmond, Washington, USA.

Jay Humphlett

Managing Director - US Operations

Jay leads our expansion into the US market. Prior to joining Tadaweb he was the EVP Public Sector at Dataminr where he led all Go To Market and Customer Success activities for the US DOD and Global Public Sector team.
He began his career as a Naval Flight Officer flying F-14 Tomcats where he completed two combat deployments. After the US Navy, he worked in venture capital, held executive P&L positions at Raytheon, founded a private equity and consulting firm, served as President for a special mission aviation firm and then as CEO/Founder for Vigilint, a premier provider of intelligence-driven global health protection for commercial and government clients.
You can sometimes find Jay travelling with his wife to visit their two children, exploring Europe, attempting to play golf or perfecting recipes on his Big Green Egg.


VP Public Sector

Ted joined Tadaweb in 2014 and previously held a variety of roles across product, sales and business development, including setting up the product and design team and the Canadian commercial team. His core professional motivation is to build great businesses, those that solve important problems and create enduring jobs. Ted grew up near Seattle, Washington, USA, and currently lives in Luxembourg with his wife and 2 young boys. He is an avid Formula 1 fan. Go Papaya!


Chief Operating Officer

Bruno is a systemic thinker, overseeing RevOps, HR, IT Infrastructure, Office Management and Marketing. Before joining Tadaweb, he managed product development and large operations delivering hundreds of millions of dollars of efficiency and customer experience gains at Amazon and other organizations. Bruno shares his insights and expertise as an angel investor and entrepreneurial advisor. He unwinds by playing games or walking in the woods with his family and shares his love of music as a member of a family string quartet. As a proud hooper, he defeats Father Time by playing organized basketball.


Chief Hacking Officer

Andy is responsible for continuously looking and keeping the company ahead. He thrives on defying the odds and proving things can be done. Andy fell in love with computers in his teens at his local library, reading programming books. He learned to program on paper, moving to founding and serving as CTO for his fair share of start-ups, including award-winning JamPot Technologies. He created Microsoft Ventures UK, helping build successful global start-ups. Andy likes to break things - including himself - on an unbeaten track on his mountain bike or enjoying retro games, like Mario Kart. He is an avid STEM supporter, encouraging children to see the possibilities of what computers can accomplish and imagining the potential of what they can do with code.


Head of Product

Erik co-redesigned the engineering organization to mirror the Hapu extended family system and help bring the decision making and ownership closer to the teams most connected with the users. At Microsoft, he launched Bing Search in 8 major markets and mapped impoverished communities digitally in Brazil, working closely with the citizens and local NGOs. He also pioneered early iterations of streaming media services for enterprise clients with tens of millions of end-user customers. As an avid traveller, he’s explored 38 countries with his daughter and spouse.


Head of Engineering

Gauthier started as a network technician, proceeded through developer and platform architect, and finally evolved as Tadaweb's Head of Engineering. He was an early joiner of the company and has spent the greatest part of his career at Tadaweb where he's overseeing most technical operations as well as articulating engineering processes. He's a tech enthusiast, loves small town life, and enjoys bringing his house and neighborhood up to the next century.

Giri Fox

VP of Revenue Operations

Giri leads the performance and alignment of RevOps across the business, leveraging his experience from his time in public sector and with startups, mid-caps and blue chips including Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Apple, among others. While at Microsoft, Giri’s passion for sustainability led him to become a major voice sharing their practices in carbon, water and waste reduction with customers. With his family, he has a shared love for plant-based meals, and is easily enticed with his favourite Indian and Mexican recipes.