Tadaweb is the first small data platform designed to clone and amplify human intelligence for web data collection and analysis.

Our technology is already trusted by a number of leading governments to help identify, track and capture even the most volatile, multi-source web data.

Precision Intelligence. Amplified.


The Four Pillars of Tadaweb

We provide our customers with the power to engage and analyse data like humans, at the scale and speed of computers. In order to achieve this, we are driven by four key pillars.

Cloning Human

Pioneering Small


Empowering Volatile

Team and Culture

Our team is a melting pot of cultures. We are young, naive and passionate. We believe in what we are working on and we all like to have fun. For us, working on a technology that is only limited by one’s imagination is what drives us every single day. Would you like to be a part of it?

In return, we will provide you with a challenging job and company culture like no other. We are driven by the ethos of “work hard, play hard.” Our office is home to a wide array of awesomeness, including a ping pong table, beach bar, compulsory nerf gun, giant inflatable animals and much more…We simply ask that you love what you do and that you believe passionately about the technology you are helping build. Above all, we value your creativity, dedication and team spirit.

Open Positions

Check out the open positions here at Tadaweb. However, if you believe you have an amazing talent and don't see the right opening here, contact us anyway. We are great at integrating talent into our team.

Web Frontend Developer

You are a passionate web frontend developer who keeps up to date with the latest web trends and developments. You are comfortable working on a platform that integrates technologies including Angular, React, Redux, Node.JS, Socket.io, Docker, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, and Redis.

  • MSc in Computer Science or Engineering degree in Computer Science
  • Good experience with JS Programming (ES6, Typescript)
  • Good knowledge of Angular and/or React is a strong asset
  • Familiarity with Git version control systems
  • Good team spirit and communication skills (French or English)
  • Experience: junior to senior
  • Experience with Node.js and task runners like Gulp and/or Webpack
  • Some UX skills would be an asset
  • Experience with agile development
  • Enjoy drinking a good beer

Web Backend Developer

You can consume and build HTTP RESTful APIs. Asynchronous programming is nothing new to you and you often prefer making reactive programming instead of callbacks. You are well aware of all the new stuff (ES6/7, Typescript, RxJS) and like to produce clean, readable code using any framework or module out there like express, koa, hapijs, mongoose, etc… and if needed, you write your own. Your code passes all tests on Mocha before deploy.

  • Proficient with JavaScript
  • Expertise in NodeJS
  • Expertise building/consuming HTTP RESTful APIs
  • Experience working with Git
  • Experience with Docker, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis and CI
  • Experience with agile development
  • Enjoy drinking a good beer :)

UI Designer

You are a visual designer with a passion for futuristic user interfaces (FUI) like Minority Report and Iron Man. You are highly self‐motivated and excited about shaping the brand identity and design direction of a fast‐growing start‐up that places design at the center of the products we build. You will partner with our UX Designers to fully visualize wireframes and user journeys and work with our Front‐end Developers to deliver them product specs and assets.

  • Strong portfolio showcasing both UI and creative work
  • Good knowledge of Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design Guidelines
  • Familiarity with User Centered Design and Design Thinking methodologies
  • Embrace an interative design process and are receptive to feedback
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to clearly articulate design decisions
  • Fluency in Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, and/or your other favorite contemporary design tools
  • 4+ years of professional experience
  • Interest in building a Hololens application
  • Experience designing custom icon families
  • Experience creating illustration for campaigns
  • Proficiency with CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Enjoy drinking a good beer :)

C++/Go Software Developer

You are passionate about software development and backend services. You want to work on a brand new platform integrating numerous (micro-)services using a lot of different technologies like C++, Golang, NodeJS, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, Angular.JS, ReactJS and Ansible.

  • Solid experience with all object-oriented concepts (C++)
  • Experience or strong interest in Golang
  • Familiarity with Git version control systems
  • Good team spirit and communication skills (French or English)
  • 4+ years of professional experience
  • Familiarity with REST architecture style
  • Inter-process communication using queue-messaging system (RabbitMQ)
  • Experience with MongoDB
  • Experience with agile development
  • Some knowledge of Qt framework (signals, slots, QThread...)
  • Enjoy drinking a good beer :)

Lead DevOps Engineer

You would name your child Debian, Docker or Ansible. You are very interested in designing platforms, solving complex issues, automating everything and are paranoid about system security and services monitoring. You want to lead our DevOps team and help them push our infrastructure harder and deploy our micro-service infrastructure anywhere. Our code workflow is based on Ansible and Docker and we use various technologies: Google Compute Engine, XenServer, AWS Route53, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, IPTables, Python, Shinken, RabbitMQ, HAProxy, MySQL, nginx, Redis and many more.

  • Solid knowledge of Unix (Debian, CentOS)
  • Experience in system security & hardening
  • Experience with service containerization
  • Familiarity with system orchestration (Ansible)
  • Familiarity with Git version control systems
  • Good team spirit and communication skills (French or English)
  • 8+ years of professional experience
  • Strong interest in building and managing a DevOps team
  • Enjoy drinking a good beer :)

Product Manager

You are a passionate product leader who wants to be a strong advocate for our users and our business. You are highly self-motivated and excited about taking ownership of new products and leading cross-functional teams of developers, designers and our information ninjas from product conception to launch.

  • Ability to build strong personal relationships across diverse teams
  • Experience gathering, communicating and prioritizing business requirements
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills (English, with French as a bonus)
  • 2+ years of professional experience
  • Software development or design experience
  • Experience with Agile development
  • Enjoy drinking a good beer :)

To apply, please email your CV and a brief description of your interest in the role to jobs@tadaweb.com.